Executive summary

July 1st – Awingu launches its competitive upgrade program: Migrate 2 Awingu. With this program, businesses that are using alternative solutions such as Citrix, Parallels, VMWare, etc. can benefit from a “3+1” promotion, meaning that if you buy 3 licenses, you get the 4th one for free. This competitive upgrade program is valid from July 1st 2019 until Dec 15th 2019. For details on the steps to take, and applicable conditions, click here.

Awingu provides a ‘turnkey’ browser-based Unified Workspace solution with all features built into the same product and price: remote access to Windows & Linux apps, Desktops, VDI’s in HTML5, file access and sharing, Reverse Proxy, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), encryption, load balancing, usage auditing and more. The beauty of this is that everything runs on a single virtual appliance with a very simple gateway-like architecture. It’s connected to your back-end services via standard protocols (e.g. RDP, WebDAV, CIFS, …). This means that your setup (migration) will be simple and straight-forward. And so will your upgrades and maintenance activities.We already offer a very solid pricing and TCO proposition. Now, we are making it even stronger.The rest of this post will dig a bit deeper into Citrix and how it compares to Awingu.

About Citrix

Citrix has a long history. Founded in 1989 by Ed Lacobucci in Richardson, Texas, it began developing a remote access product for Microsoft Operating systems. It actually licensed source code from Microsoft already in those days. From there, Citrix grew into a market leading position in thin clients and remote access technology.
Since then, a lot has happened. Leadership teams, shareholders and strategies have changed. In the past years, Citrix has re-focused its product portfolio with the sale of the GoTo suite (GoTo Meeting) to LogMeIN in 2016/7. However, with this ‘leaner’ portfolio they still boast a large portfolio of products & bundles, and a pretty complex price lists with 1000’s of items. Today, Citrix has a heavy focus on their cloud-based solutions. This, in turn, often translates into increased prices and squeezed margins for the channel.
While we can only have the utmost respect for what Citrix has been for this industry, today, they carry a lot of their ‘legacy’ with them. That leads to complex pricing and a complex product.

Comparing Citrix & Awingu: apples and apples… sort of
We often get the question: how does Awingu compare to Citrix. The expectation is a list of features. The reality is a lot more complex. As you can understand from the introduction, there is no such thing as ‘Citrix’. It’s many products & bundles, each with their own pricing conditions and technical consequences (read complexity). At Awingu, we strive for a very simple and zero-complexity model.

  • a ‘gateway-like’ architecture. All features run from the same Virtual Appliance. One single component to install & maintain which gives a lot of simplicity in operations
  • The browser as a client. That was the goal when Awingu was built. Not as a back-up or a nice to have.

Simple and competitive pricing: we have 1 single product that includes everything. It can be consumed in 3 different model. As the table below will show, Awingu is a similar apple to Citrix, but it’s not the “same” apple. It doesn’t cover “all” of the features, that’s true. But Awingu does provide a better fit for organizations based on today’s workstyle needs and demands, addressing both IT & end-user challenges.
From that perspective, Awingu is probably best comparable to Citrix Workspace Premium. The price points are, however, completely different.

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