Cohesity Partner CEE Installation Professional Training in Budapest

Last week we completed first in a series of Cohesity trainings in CEE. 

Official Cohesity resellers came from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Serbia and Slovenia.

The Cohesity Partner Installation Class is a 2-day, technical deep-dive class focused on teaching engineers to deploy a physical or virtual version of Cohesity DataPlatform. The course is structured to mirror the deployment process. After reviewing Cohesity terminology and the current platform options, the course will walked engineers through the process of collecting pre-installation survey information for a DataPlatform implementation, the steps required to bring up a Cohesity cluster, and typical tasks for basic integration with the customer infrastructure. Additional topics were covered to help provide a solid understanding of the platform, common workflows and basic troubleshooting techniques. Because this course is intended to help people performing installations, more than 40% of the course involves labs including tasks such as physical installation, deployment, configuration, upgrade, and management of Cohesity DataPlatform and DataProtect.

First 3 attendees already completed exams and became COHESITY ACCREDITED INSTALLATION PROFESSIONAL! 

Congratulations to Mario Bojadzic – Sidera, Marko Podpecan – Integralis, Djordje Bogunovic – Inisis.

Thanks for making it happen – Gabriel Pfeiffer, Russell Bowes - Cohesity