Heimdal Security Provides Thor Foresight Banking Security to RBS Business Customers And why this partnership is valuable to us

Heimdal Security now provides the recommended banking security for RBS Business Banking customers using their Bankline service, offering accessible, multilayered protection against the most advanced online threats.

Heimdal Security, the winner of the Anti Malware Solution of the Year at the CSA Awards 2018, has the pleasure of providing its award-winning security software solutions to Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest and Ulster Bank customers.

Starting from January 2019, Heimdal Security’s Thor Foresight Enterprise is offered free of charge to the bank’s Business Banking customers, providing customers with a new, next-gen type of protection against cybercrime. All Bankline business users can now use Thor Foresight Enterprise on up to 10 devices. This security software offers continuous, proactive protection against ransomware, malware and other advanced cyber threats.

Thor Foresight Enterprise’s traffic-scanning feature powered by machine learning is uniquely equipped to handle financial malware and other critical threats to the financial security of users, which is why RBS has started recommending it to its customers. 

Embedded in Thor Foresight Enterprise are Darklayer GUARD™, a threat communication filtering mechanism, and VectorN Detection™, the key advancement powered by machine learning for adaptive protection against 2nd generation malware.
Through this combination, Thor Foresight Enterprise offers banking Trojan infection prevention and mitigation of MITB attacks, ransomware, and phishing.
Layering on top of any existing reactive solution chosen by the user, such as a standard Antivirus, Thor Foresight Enterprise not only adds a powerful security shield against financial malware and credential theft, but also allows the user to automatically update the rest of their software catalog, eliminating the vulnerabilities of outdated software that are commonly targeted by malicious actors.

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