Qualitest Research shows competitive advantages of TeamViewer

TeamViewer’s core offering provides best-in-class device coverage and ease of use

Goppingen, December 12, 2019TeamViewer®, a global leader in secure remote connectivity solutions, engaged Qualitest, the world’s largest, independent, pure-play quality assurance company, to provide independent measurement and data-driven external feedback on TeamViewer’s core product and its positioning in the competitive environment.
Qualitest comprehensively and methodically evaluated the capability and usability of TeamViewer 14 in comparison to the biggest and most relevant competitor’s products with real-world measurements within three competition sets: “Platform Competitors”, “File Transfer Competitors” and “Point Solution Competitors”.

Qualitest comprehensively and methodically evaluated the capability and usability of TeamViewer 14 in comparison to the biggest and most relevant competitor’s products with real-world measurements within three competition sets: “Platform Competitors”, “File Transfer Competitors” and “Point Solution Competitors”.

Best-in-class device coverage

With the highest total combined coverage of 127 mobile devices, operating systems and IoT devices on the market today, TeamViewer emerged best-in-Class for device coverage. TeamViewer offers significantly wider coverage than other competitors’ part of the evaluation. TeamViewer has by far the broadest system coverage, especially within non-desktop operating systems, which is a key advantage to enable use cases which do not involve classical desktop connectivity and a key enabler for complex IoT use cases and IT landscapes with mobile devices.

For example, TeamViewer enables remote control of up to twenty times more Android & IoT device manufacturers than other relevant competitors.

One important purchase criterion is cross-device functionality with full administration and control rights, which is relevant to enable these many connectivity use cases. Remote control of desktop PCs, servers, mobile phones, tablets and mini-computers and controllers are key for all advanced mobile support and IoT use cases.

Best-in-class ease-of-use

While ease-of-use is highly subjective and heavily depends on the use case, TeamViewer has shown several measurable user experience advantages. This includes the fastest time-to-connect (amongst the most prominent connection type, Windows-to-Windows computers across wide-area-networks (WAN), read: internet connections), as well as the quickest file transfer rate.

TeamViewer was able to transfer more megabytes of data per second (MBps) than any of the other tested applications. TeamViewer also emerged as the fastest application in transferring larger files (containing raw data, that is compressible); showing it has an efficient compression algorithm as opposed to its competitors, some of which did not offer any on-the-fly compression.

“The support and management of internet-connected devices is increasingly critical for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies and applications”, says Mike Eissele, CTO at TeamViewer. “As these devices have become more critical, users demand high levels of performance and uptime – this means device and service providers must offer a high level of field and remote service capability to maintain customer satisfaction. The result portrayed in this research is a confirmation of our commitment to provide our users with the most powerful, versatile remote support, remote access and online collaboration tool possible.”

Key results of the Qualitest report, including descriptions of the tools and methods used in the test setup, can be found here.

About the Test

All tests were carried out in situations that reflect business conditions as closely as possible. Hence, performance was evaluated based on a broad variety of networks (3G, WAN, LAN) and operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, Android). Tests were executed in Europe and Asia and cross-continent to reflect advanced, business critical, real-world applications. 

The results have been derived from a total of over 400 executed real-world tests and show that TeamViewer can claim significant performance advantages against the selected peers -showing outstanding results in terms of device coverage and ease of use.

About TeamViewer

As a leading global provider of remote connectivity solutions, TeamViewer empowers users to connect anything, anywhere, anytime. The company offers secure remote access, support, control, and collaboration capabilities for online endpoints of any kind. By innovating with cutting-edge yet easy-to-deploy Augmented Reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) implementations, the company enables businesses of all sizes to tap into their full digital potential. TeamViewer has been activated on more than 2 billion devices; more than 45 million devices are online at any time. Founded in 2005 in Goppingen, Germany, the company employs about 800 people in offices across Europe, the United States, and Asia Pacific. For more information, go to and  follow us on social media.

About Qualitest

Qualitest is the world’s largest, independent, pure-play quality assurance company. With QA strategy at the core of operations, Qualitest goes beyond functional testing to encompass automation, reliability, usability, AI and other innovations. The company scales services specific to the technology requirements and client needs across industries including technology, telecom, entertainment, AI, cyber, healthcare, finance, security, media and retail. In addition to being the leader in quality assurance, Qualitest has offices globally, employing thousands of workers in the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, Ukraine, India and Romania.

Qualitest delivers quality engineering and testing solutions to meet industry-precise technology needs for the world’s biggest brands. Qualitest leverages deep technology, business and industry-specific understanding to deliver solutions that align with our client’s business requirements. In turn, Qualitest’s clients often comment that their solutions are among the most comprehensive and creative than they have ever experienced while delivering the highest value. Qualitest clients also comment that Qualitest’s solutions have increased their trust in the software they release. This has enabled QualiTest to become their primary software testing and business assurance partner. Qualitest has been recognized for each of the past 4 years as the only visionary pure play QA and Testing Services Company in the “Gartner Magic Quadrant”

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