Products that will enhance your 

company's cybersecurity!

Have you heard about Heimdal state-of-the-art lineup of cybersecurity solutions?

Heimdal products are split into five different modules, as follows:


Consists of our Threat Prevention Network and Threat Prevention Endpoint. Powered by proprietary DarkLayer Guard™ & VectorN Detection technology, it is a robust AI-driven module that filters advanced threats at the level of the DNS.


Is represented by Next-Gen Endpoint Antivirus & MDM and Ransomware Encryption Protection. Four malware detection layers and live process monitoring are coupled with encryption detection to stop all attacks in their tracks, including ransomware.


Is made up of Heimdal™ Patch & Asset Management. An automatic software updater with an inbuilt asset tracking interface, it is indispensable to any well-functioning IT environment.


Covers Email Security and Email Fraud Prevention. It is driven by an innovative spam filter and machine learning to detect not only mail spam but other types of malicious communications such as CEO fraud and impersonation.


Contains Privileged Access Management and Application Control. By their powers combined, PAM and AC provide companies with cutting-edge access monitoring and handling, be it on the human or application side.

All of Heimdal products are available individually or as part of holistic EPDR suite of cybersecurity solutions. The modern (and improved) take on traditional EDR, endpoint prevention, detection, and response offering will secure your systems entirely, not leaving any stone unturned or any vulnerability uncovered.