Exceptional Email Security Made Simple

Exceptional Email Security Made Simple

A revolutionary spam filter and malware protection system witch packs more email security vectors than any other platform you can find.

Heimdal Security is 2nd Generation End Point Protection tool. It is focused on proactive protection against modern attacks:

  • Virus infections

  • Data leaks

  • Banking Trojans

  • Info stealers

  • Ransomware

  • APTs

  • Zero Day malware

  • Advanced exploit kits

Heimdal build a lightweight client that packs the power of 3 key engines. Goal : to protect users and organizations around the world against cyber attacks that antivirus can't block.

As a 2nd generation threat tool, Heimdal is engineered to ensure proactive security. Because you need a solution to eliminate vulnerabilities and block threats before they turn into breaches and infections.




The fact that the Internet is the main malware delivery method today makes scanning for and blocking malicious web traffic a core security component.

VectorN Detection

VectorN Detection

The one of a kind VectorN Detection engine embedded into Heimdal CORP is a perfect layer of extra protection for any antivirus product.

So​​ftware Management

Software Management

Closing vulnerabilities is a key component in any IT security environment. Especially since vulnerable software is one of the main pathways for infection nowadays.